Hagan’s ghost

President Obama is no more popular in North Carolina that he is in other purple states, yet incumbent Democratic Senator Kay Hagan has hung on in her race for reelection against Republican Thom Tillis. The folks at Crossroads GPS seem to think that disseminating information about Hagan’s record of stalwart support for Obama might turn the tide, and they have created a powerful ad to get the word out. In the ad below, Crossroads adapts Hagan’s 2008 ad against then incumbent Senator Elizabeth Dole to devastating effect against Hagan herself.

Hagan deserves to lose this race. She can’t defend her robotic support of Obama, Obamacare and the rest of the Obama agenda. Tillis is an articulate mainstream candidate who appears to be a couple of points behind Hagan. This is a critical race that Republicans should win. (You can contribute to Tillis here.) The Crossroads ad really ought to sink Hagan.

A third-party libertarian candidate is complicating Tillis’s challenge. However you slice it, a vote for the libertarian candidate is not a vote for freedom.

On a related note, Michael Warren reports on last night’s Hagan-Tillis debate: “Hagan can’t say which Obama policies she regrets supporting” (video included). He also follows up with “Hagan says she did miss ISIS hearing because of fundraiser.”

Via Alexis Levinson/Roll Call and Glenn Reynolds/InstaPundit.


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