Hamburg Becomes a War Zone

Hamburg has become the scene of street fighting between Islamic supporters of ISIS and expatriate Kurds:

Parts of downtown Hamburg, the second-largest city in Germany, resembled a war zone after hundreds of supporters of the jihadist group Islamic State [IS] engaged in bloody street clashes with ethnic Kurds. …

The unrest began on the evening of October 7, when around 400 Kurds gathered outside the Al-Nour mosque near the central train station in Hamburg’s St. George district to protest against IS attacks on the Syrian Kurdish town of Kobani.

According to police, the initially peaceful protest turned violent when the Kurds were confronted by a rival group of around 400 Salafists armed with baseball bats, brass knuckles, knives, machetes and metal rods used to hold meat in kebab restaurants. …

Police said they were shocked by what they described as an unprecedented level of violence.

In an interview with the newspaper Passau Neue Presse, the chairman of the German Police Union, Rainer Wendt, reported that police in Hamburg “experienced life-threatening brute force” by perpetrators who were armed “to the teeth.” Wendt warned that the IS-Kurdish conflict is “threatening to unleash a proxy war on German soil.”

In Germany as elsewhere, Kurds are not to be taken lightly. Here, Kurdish protesters brandish iron bars:


At least one German politician has been threatened with beheading by ISIS supporters because he led a fundraising campaign to provide food and water for Kurds in northern Iraq.

All across Europe, Europeans are regretting the ill-advised importation of millions of Islamic immigrants. Here in the U.S., we are following in their footsteps, for no apparent reason other than the self-destructiveness that characterizes most of our national policies.


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