Happer on the Hapless Climatistas

The Puffington Host is up this afternoon with the headline “Another Month, Another Heat Record Broken.”  Get ready for whoops of celebration from the 97 percent: we’re back in business!  The “pause” is over!  Hand over your car keys!

While we await the familiar refrain, you might want to take in the presentation below from Will Happer, given last week at the George Marshall Institute in Washington.  Who is Happer? He is the Cyrus Fogg Brackett Professor of Physics at Princeton University, where he specialized in the study of atomic physics, optics and spectroscopy. From 1991-93, Happer served as director of the Department of Energy’s Office of Science.  Sounds like a guy who might know a thing or two about this subject.  Happer goes through the basics of the controversy once again, with special scorn for the favorite talking point that carbon dioxide should be regarded as pollution. (By far the most potent greenhouse gas is water vapor: funny that the climatistas don’t refer to H2O as “water vapor pollution.”  That would be too obviously embarrassing.)  The video is over an hour long, but his presentation is about 40 minutes; the rest consists of questions and answers, some of them quite good if you have the time.