How To Tell Even Obama Knows He’s In Trouble

When he cancels fundraising trips.  (Though perhaps even Democratic donors don’t think appearing with him before a wipeout election is a good idea.)

But also when he gives speeches like this just a few days ago:

I actually believe that capitalism is the greatest force for prosperity and opportunity the world has ever known.  And I believe in private enterprise — not government, but innovators and risk-takers and makers and doers — driving job creation.

Obama said this at Northwestern University’s business school.  I’m betting more than a few faculty wondered whether a body snatching operation had taken place.  Did Valerie Jarrett clear this speech?  What does Van Jones think of it?

Next thing you know he’ll be saying “the era of big government is over.”  Probably by the state of the union speech in January.  Hope and change indeed!  (No word yet on whether he’s changing his golf schedule.)

P.S. Given the reticence of Democrats to say whether they voted for Obama, someone in the White House press corps ought to ask Josh Earnest whether Obama voted for himself in the last election. Could make for some fun times.