“International Community” Rewards Hamas. Why?

In Cairo, a one-day “donor conference” for Gaza has just wrapped up. Various nations pledged $5.4 billion to reconstruct Gaza and help cement Hamas’s cruel and corrupt rule. That was more than the $4 billion that Mahmoud Abbas asked for, so it was a good day’s work for the terrorists.

Qatar, which may have replaced Saudi Arabia as the best argument for fracking, pledged $1 billion to lead all donors. But John Kerry, on behalf of the U.S., put $212 million into the kitty, while France and Germany pledged $50 and $63 million respectively. The obvious effect of this windfall will be to reward Hamas for starting the most recent conflict with Israel.

Abbas addressed the people of Gaza:

You are in our hearts. We will work relentlessly to undo the injustice that befell you and end the suffering that you’ve been experiencing for years. We will heal your wounds that are deeply entrenched in our souls. We will re-build the Gaza Strip, relying on God first, then on the determination of our people. We will also rely on resources and capacities available to us and on the assistance and support of our brothers and friends from around the world, who we trust will not disappoint you in supporting our economy and improving its lot and who will also support you in reclaiming a dignified life in your homeland and in lifting you out of this disastrous situation caused by this unjust war. Your plight has touched and shaken the world’s conscience.

Right. The “international community” has just guaranteed that the people of Gaza will continue to be oppressed by Hamas for the foreseeable future.

Gazans about to be murdered by Hamas

Gazans about to be murdered by Hamas