Jen Psaki Explains Iraqi Victories [Updated]

We have had occasion, more than once, to turn a critical eye on Jen Psaki, the State Department’s spokesperson. She seems underqualified for the job, to put it gently. Honestly, I have seen Cub Scout troops with better spokesmen. Maybe it’s the fact that her husband is a big deal in the Democratic Party. Or maybe the administration thinks that, given the disarray of its foreign policy, incoherence is a virtue.

Today Psaki was delivering a daily press briefing when reporter Matt Lee suggested that despite President Obama’s allegedly comprehensive strategy, ISIS continues to make gains. Psaki attempted to respond by itemizing the recent successes of the Iraqi army. Hilarity ensued:

To be scrupulously fair, Psaki later did find her notes on Iraqi successes, but the list was short and rather pathetic–not to mention, unmemorable–and did not go unchallenged.

When an administration can’t get through a day without becoming a figure of fun, you know the wheels are coming off. Unfortunately, the consequences, for us, won’t be funny.

UPDATE: I happened to run across something I don’t think we have written about, namely, the fact that Jen Psaki, in her capacity as State Department spokesperson, has cited the Daily Kos and Think Progress as authoritative sources. The intellectual inferiority of the Obama administration is hard to believe.