Minneapolis goes Bosaso

Jumping on the lefties’ pro-Communist 1980’s wave with perfect timing, Minneapolis named Novosibirsk its sister city in 1988. The Soviet Union promptly disintegrated.

Well, forget Novosibirsk. Yesterday the Minneapolis City Council designated the Somali port of Bosaso as its sister city. The Star Tribune reports this awesome development here and the excitement is palpable.

Somalia has undergone much adversity over the past 20 years. It is in already in an advanced state of decomposition. Minneapolis’s sister city designation probably won’t do any additional damage to Somalia.

As for Minneaoplis, I’m not so sure. Council Vice President Elizabeth Glidden laid it on thick. Addressing the crowd in the council chamber, she said: “You have changed the city of Minneapolis. You have changed the state of Minnesota. It is a better city because of your contributions. It’s about time we have a sister city relationship.”

Change is what it’s all about. When Glidden says the change is for the better, she doesn’t bother to argue the case. You know where she’s coming from.

Does this mean that Minnesota’s Somalis will be discouraged from joining the jihad back home or in the Middle East? That’s their story:

Addressing concerns over terrorism, [Minneapolis City Council member Abdi] Warsame said he sees danger in avoiding new ties with Somalia. The way to build trust and support for the U.S., he said, is to make more Somalis feel welcomed, to build lives here and serve the community as members of the military or police and fire departments.

“I think this message is a positive message,” Warsame said of the sister city arrangement. “And it’s a message that I always kind of knew: The people in Minnesota are the best people in the world. And that’s why I was very emotional. I knew it couldn’t happen anywhere else. It could only happen in Minneapolis.”

Nah, that’s just mindless flattery. It could happen just about anywhere in the good ol’ USA, and will.