More Fake Republicans For Orman

In Kansas, Larry Lessig’s Mayday PAC is running an ad on behalf of Independent Democrat Greg Orman featuring, according to Women For Kansas, “lifelong Republican” Nancy Moffitt:

It is striking how Democrats love to find “lifelong Republicans” who have suddenly seen the light. It generally turns out, however, that their devotion to the GOP is less than advertised. A reader looked up Ms. Moffitt’s Kansas voter registration:

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 4.47.39 PM

Sure enough, she’s a registered Democrat. Our correspondent adds:

Nancy Moffitt re-located to Kansas sometime in 2010. Before then, she lived in Arkansas. An initial voter records search shows that Moffitt requested a Democratic ballot in 2008.

Given that Ms. Moffitt is in her 70s, it is possible that she was a Republican for most of her life (as opposed to being a “lifelong Republican”), as she puts it in the video. That would allow for her having been a Democrat since, say, the Carter administration.

If the Democrats want to attack Pat Roberts, or any other Republican, they are free to do so. But it seems they can’t resist the extra bit of credibility that comes from using a Democrat who claims to have once been a Republican. Maybe Republicans should start putting me in ads, and identify me as a former Democrat; that would be equally honest.


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