Mr. Holder Regrets

Actually, of course, he doesn’t. Holder was asked by an interviewer, what was your biggest failure as Attorney General? He had so many to choose from! Politicizing the Justice Department, Fast and Furious, stonewalling the House of Representatives, allowing the legalization of marijuana contrary to federal law, failure to enforce the immigration laws, and lots more. But naturally, Holder didn’t mention any of those failures:

Holder’s answer makes little sense, in that the Attorney General isn’t responsible for passing legislation, “reasonable gun safety laws” or otherwise. But, as he quickly added, this was really our society’s failure, not his. Holder is an ideologue, so it is natural that his only regret is that he didn’t succeed in pushing the hard-left agenda even farther. Good riddance; the Department of Justice is well rid of him, but the damage he has done to that institution will live on.