New Ad Takes On Liberal Media

We wrote here about Conservative War Chest, which has produced some excellent, hard-hitting ads this election cycle. Their latest came out today; it is a frontal assault on liberal media. Spokesman Mike Flynn says:

Our new ad shows specific, concrete examples of news executives and partisan reporters trying to hid the truth from the American people. They play such a role trying to influence our elections that they should be on the ballot.

The ad singles out:

* New York Times cover-up of the IRS scandal

* CBS killing Sheryl Atkinson coverage of the Benghazi scandal

* ABC smears of the Tea Party

* George Stephanopoulus and Candy Crowley acting as Dem surrogates in Presidential debates

* Comcast and NBC sponsoring left-wing attack machine MSNBC and news executive Phil Griffin as ultimate “suit in suite.”

The new ad is running initially in North Carolina. Here it is:

Will it work? Well, if Democrats can run against the Koch brothers, Republicans can run against liberal media. But it’s not just tit-for-tat. Many, many Americans–not all of whom are Republicans–are disgusted by left-wing media bias. It is an issue about which many are passionate, and which will motivate some to get to the polls. Besides, you can never point out to often that every day in America, the Left has its thumb on the scales in the person of liberal media.


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