Sabo Strikes Again: Gwyneth Paltrow Edition [Updated]

The emergence of anti-Obama street art over the last couple of years has been a welcome development, which we have reported on several times. Most recently, an artist who calls himself Sabo decorated actress Gwyneth Paltrow’s neighborhood just before her scheduled fundraiser (what else?) with President Obama. Apparently Sabo has been interviewed on Fox News, so his identity may be known, just not to me. This Sabo poster calls Paltrow an Obama drone:


This one is a play on a phrase used by Paltrow:


In my view, this sort of guerrilla street art is very helpful to the conservative cause. Creative conservatives like Sabo (whoever he may be) offer a visible sign of resistance to unthinking, ill-informed liberalism.

UPDATE: A reader adds more about Mr. Sabo and the signs in Ms. Paltrow’s neighborhood:

Hi John, I know Sabo and the artist who did the Conscious Uncoupling poster. Although they have worked together before, the Conscious Uncoupling poster is by the other artist, not Sabo. Sabo is a fascinating guy — Hispanic, former gang member who saw the light. The Conscious Uncoupling artist also did the Obama/Ebola bumper sticker that Drudge ran with the other day:



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