Scruton to the Rescue

Scruton cover copy 2Roger Scruton has a new book out How To Be a Conservative.  Does Roger publish a book every week?  It sure seems like it sometimes; I’m still working my way through The Soul of the World.

Anyway, if you’re running behind on your reading pile, as I always am, you should avail yourself of Richard Reinsch’s interview/podcast with Roger about his new book at the Liberty Fund’s indispensable LibertyLawSite.  (In fact you should just subscribe to all the podcasts on this site.)  The interview begins with a great challenge to Roger about F.A. Hayek’s famous—and famously misread—essay “Why I Am Not a Conservative.”   Roger also delves into Oakeshott—the other great British conservative philosopher of the last two generations.

Favorite line so far: “The good news is that the State is going to run out of money.”