The Blame America First Liberals Are Back

I wrote here about a hard-hitting ad that Conservative War Chest has produced for the Colorado Senate campaign. Now the War Chest is back with another strong ad, this one directed to national security and called “Blame America First.” The words, of course, are Jeane Kirkpatrick’s, and the ad is a refresher course in liberal foreign policy. I love the continuity of the John Kerry images. First the ad, then some further comments:

That version of the ad features Kay Hagan at the end; it is designed to be run in North Carolina. Conservative War Chest is running the same ad, directed at different Democratic senators, in seven states other than North Carolina–states that are not generally considered to be in play: Illinois, New Mexico, New Jersey, Virginia, Michigan, Minnesota and Massachusetts. War Chest spokesman Mike Flynn says:

If they are on the ballot and liberal, they are vulnerable. The uncertainty and anxiety the public feels today is the result of a liberal worldview that “blames America first” in every crisis. The need for “adult supervision” should be a national discussion, not confined to a handful of states that DC politicians deem competitive.

It is hard to disagree with that. But the War Chest doesn’t actually have much of a war chest, so its ad buys are limited. The group is relying on sites like this one, social media, email and so on to spread them around. Don’t hesitate to do your part; the message could hardly be more important.


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