The lying game, part 2

James O’Keefe follows up on yesterday’s video featuring the Democratic operatives working on behalf of Kentucky Senate candidate Alison Grimes with a look at her financial supporters. O’Keefe writes:

In our video released yesterday, you heard from Grimes’s own campaign team.

Today’s video, below, is far more blatant than the last.

The revelations are coming from a man, Niko Elmaleh, who with his family, has donated more than two hundred thousand dollars to Democrats.

Before you watch the video, I need to mention a few things.

First, explicit language is used in the video you are about to watch.

Second, Alison Grimes has responded to our investigation but she’ll need to do better than that.

After you watch the video, ask Alison Grimes to return Niko’s maximum contribution immediately and end her War on Coal.

Quotable quote: “She’s a killer.”

Here is the video.


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