The question Alison Grimes won’t answer

It’s a straightforward question: Did you vote for President Obama in 2008 and 2012? But Alison Grimes, the Democratic candidate for the Senate in Kentucky, won’t answer it.

You can watch below as Grimes repeatedly refuses to answer the question, posed to her today by a member of the Louisville Courier-Journal editorial board.

My favorite evasion? “I respect the sanctity of the ballot box.” I think that means she voted for Obama twice but is too gutless to admit it.

Philip Bump of the Washington Post is disappointed with Grimes’ answer. According to Bump, she should have said: “Yes, I voted for him, but I’ve been disappointed by a lot of the things he’s done, particularly on COAL and JOBS and GUNS.”

That might have been a better answer, but I can see why Grimes was reluctant to offer it. It could explain away a 2008 vote for Obama, but not one in 2012.

For those keeping score, and both Grimes and Mitch McConnell certainly are, Obama’s approval rating in Kentucky is 30 percent.