The Week in Pictures: Groundhog Day Edition

You thought Groundhog Day was in February, right?  No: it’s been moved.  The Obama Administration woke up (if they can ever be said to wake up about anything), saw the groundhog’s shadow up in New York, and realized it means six more weeks of Ebola.  What was that about disease vectors?  (Ten days.)

The standard liberal method for fighting Ebola.

The standard liberal method for fighting Ebola.

Manning Ebola copy Ebola Cuba copy Klain copy Klain 2 copy

Ebola in Vegas copy

Obama Heckles copy Dem War on Women copy Obama at the door copy Obama Warning System copy

Obama Then copy

Halloween Redistribution copy

Halloween Night copy

Libertarian Plot copy

All Evil copy

Hogan's Heroes copy

As they say on college campuses, “No means no”:

No Means No copy

Shall we call them "transginger" cookies?

Shall we call them “transginger” cookies?

Start Running copy

Political Science shirt copy Soccer bar copy

Back to the Future copy

Tweet of the week:Hall's Tweet copy

Weinermobile copy Under the sidewalk copy No Content Sermons copy

Celebrate Diversity copy

Jayne 8 copy

And finally. . .

Hot 116 copy