The Week in Pictures: Quarantine Edition

Here’s a thought: how about we quarantine the entire Obama Administration until January 2017?

Ebola Main Shot copy

Wall Street Panic copy Ebola TV copy Ebola Gay copy Denyong Obama copy Obamacare Ebola copy CDC Ebola copy CDC Protocols copy Ebola Response copy Ebola Obama copy Obamacare premums copy Forgetting Obama copy Ebola Fear copy

Ebola Halloween copy Ebola in DC copy CDC 3Stooges copy

White House Trick or Treat copy

Obama Drone copy


Wouldn’t this be the greatest:

Pigs blood copy

Muslim Bitter Clingers copy

Too Much to Think copy People Government copy Ice Age Ending copy

Muslim World Problems copy

Least Bacon copy Better with Bacon copy

History Buff copy Old Photo copy Jason Crock copy Senior Center copy Suggestion Bachs copy

Okay, let’s see who gets this one:

Put the Candle Back copy

Florida Winter Clothes copy Text and Fly copy Boothless Superman copy

Peer Review2 copy

Switch Insurance copy

And finally, new and improved with no trigger control issues, and special for Halloween!

Barbara Eden copyOkay, okay, if you must have real firearms, then let’s have one more salute to the ladies of the IDF:

IDF Chicks copy



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