Today’s Ebola news

We have the new case of the Dallas nurse, supposedly as a result of “breach of protocol.” We have the apology for imputing a breach of protocol to the nurse. Why? Because we don’t know how she contracted the virus.

We have another possible new case or two.

We have a continuing stream of “total garbage” from public health officials. Although the public health officials speak with great authority, I take it that nobody knows anything, or that they think we have to be lulled like children.

Enter Bill O’Reilly and his Talking Points Memo. O’Reilly explains “why the federal government is not protecting America” and expresses my sense of indignation over the continuing stream of “total garbage” (I’m borrowing his phrase) to which we have been subjected. In the video below, O’Reilly calls on CDC honcho Thomas Frieden to resign. O’Reilly bonus: mockery of Obama’s phony war on ISIS.

Quotable quote: “The BS has to stop.”

Prediction: The BS continues.


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