Wendy Davis Sinks Lower

You might think that a politician known to the world as Abortion Barbie doesn’t have a lot of room to fall. But you would be wrong. Wendy Davis has released a new ad attacking Republican Greg Abbott, who has been a paraplegic since a 1984 accident. The ad consists largely of a shot of a wheel chair, apparently intended to stir prejudice against Abbott. To the extent that the ad evinces logic, it is to the effect that as a lawyer or judge, a person with a disability must always side with a litigant who has a disability. Someone who makes an argument that dumb shouldn’t graduate from high school, let alone be Governor of Texas. Here is the ad:

Legal Insurrection has more, including the fact that Davis, when she wasn’t so hopelessly behind in the polls, condemned a similar attack on Abbott as “abhorrent.” Abhorrent is a fair characterization of Davis’s campaign, which started by lying about her own history (sugar daddy? what sugar daddy?) and has gone downhill from there. All we can say is: Go away, Barbie. Now.

STEVE adds: From the “Hit Back Twice As Hard” department:

Wenday Davis Hates copy


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