Clearing my spindle, NR edition

I have been catching up on the past three or four issues of National Review between breaks in the programming on the NR cruise. Yesterday’s stop in St. Maarten interrupted the excellent programming that is the main attraction of the cruise. When the programming resumed, it kicked off with a panel on feminism featuring NR roving correspondent Kevin Williamson and Christina Hoff Sommers responding to questions presented by Jay Nordlinger. Quotable quote (approximate), from Kevin Williamson on abortion: “My mom was a 15-year old single mother when she had me, a few months before Roe v. Wade was decided. I don’t like thinking that my life is optional.”

I have enjoyed getting caught up with the hard copy of the magazine on the cruise. I would like to recommend the following articles to your attention with little additional comment other than that you will enjoy them, learn something from them, or both.

Charles Cooke, “The Hayekian Hoosier,” on the television series Parks and Recreation and its Ron Swanson (and actor Nick Offerman, who plays him on the show). The article is full of quotable quotes deriving from this Swanson character. I have to catch up with this show! Please do not miss this article.

Jay Nordlinger, “Viva Susana!” I can’t tell if this article is accessible to non-subscribers. If it isn’t accessible, please check out Jay’s 2012 profile “Getting to know Susana.”

Reihan Salam, “Obamacare and the cost curve,” in which the virtues of the Medicare Modernization Act of 2003 get their due.

Kevin Williamson, “We build this,” on the state of manufacturing in the United States. Terrific and terrifically interesting.

Kevin Williamson, “Pathetic priviliege,” on Lena Dunham. As Kevin explained on the feminism panel yesterday, Rich Lowry assigned Kevin the task of reading Lena Dunham’s memoir. He did not come away empty-handed; he has become the go-to man on Lena Dunham. He’s not happy about it, but he’s earned his recognition the hard way.


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