Dear President Obama: Thanks for nothing

The DCCC makes its last request of the season to members of the Democrats’ base. No, it’s not another request for $3. The DCCC wants the base to sign a “thank you” note to President Obama.

It’s rather touching, don’t you think? However, I doubt that Harry Reid and his staff will be joining in the thank you. Nor will, I suspect, will Mark Pryor, Kay Hagan, Mark Begich, Mark Udall, and Bruce (Bailey) Braley.

Here is the DCCC’s letter:

This is a long email — but we hope you’ll read all the way to the end.

First off, you know we’re not afraid to be blunt. So we’ll just come out and say it: last night was rough. We registered more voters, and made more phone calls, and knocked on more doors than ever before. But we were still left with heartbreaking losses.

Although make no mistake: last night’s results were no accident. It was the result of Republicans’ cynical political strategy that put hurting President Obama before helping the American people. The President put it best just a few months ago:

There has been a certain cynical genius to what some of these folks have done in Washington. What they’ve realized is, if we don’t get anything done, then people are going to get cynical about government and its possibilities of doing good for everybody. And since they don’t believe in government, that’s a pretty good thing.

And the more cynical people get, the less they vote. And if turnout is low and people don’t vote, that pretty much benefits those who benefit from the status quo.

In other words, the Republicans broke Washington. Then, they spent millions of dollars of secret money running against a broken Washington.

So yeah, last night was rough. It’s infuriating that Republicans’ cynical strategy worked. But we refuse to give in to them. We refuse to give in to the cynicism. As President Obama always says, “hope is a better choice.”

And believe it or not, there were some bright spots last night that give us hope. Here are just a few examples:

[The DCCC cites the defeat of Republicans Steve Southerland in Florida, Lee Terry in Nebraska, and Andy Tobin in Arizona]

Let’s start with the obvious: Republicans have won control of Congress — so now they have no excuses. They can’t just sit back and blame Democrats like President Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi. They’ll have to stand up and try to convince people that the Republican agenda is better than the Democratic agenda.

That’s a fight we’re looking forward to.

So if you’re still fighting with us… if you’re still standing with the President… sign our note to President Obama thanking him for all he’s done and letting him know that we have his back.

Thanks again for everything you do.

All of us at the DCCC


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