Election Eve Drama at an Iowa Fraternity House

Last night, Joni Ernst was making an appearance at the Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity house at Iowa State, when she was interrupted by a group of Occupy-type protesters who had infiltrated the event. They started a stupid chant about the Koch Brothers–highly relevant to most Iowa voters, I’m sure–which they kept up for quite a while. Amazingly, the fraternity brothers were able to restrain themselves from slugging the twerps; instead, they started clapping and chanting “Joni! Joni!” and drowned them out.

Benny Johnson of National Review was there and documented the event. His video is entertaining, but it doesn’t capture what must have been the best moment, when Ernst said to the audience, “Don’t worry folks, I’ve seen worse. But it was in Iraq.”

The video is a good reminder of how obnoxious leftists can be. There simply isn’t any analogy on the right.


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