Environmentalists Show How to Make the Best Comics Epically Unfunny

How do you take the best comics in the country and make them duller than wet cardboard?  You dragoon them into plying their chops on behalf of environmental organizations, which the NRDC did this week at their “night of comedy.”  The three-minute clip below really makes you feel sorry for Seth Meyers, Larry David, et al.

Here’s a sample of the comic fare from the actual event, from Seth Meyers:

“Let’s be honest—if you love the environment, not a great election result. At this point, a giant tornado could form and just start whipping its way across America, and in that wind it could grab every single handgun in this country, and then the tornado would start firing those handguns indiscriminately upon the citizenship of this great nation. But when it was over, you would say to those people, ‘Will you admit now, after the gun tornado, that we have a gun control issue and a climate change issue?’ They would say, ‘No, that all happened because you let gays get married.’ That’s what you’re up against.”

Nothing that would even make a sub-moron’s mouth twitch, to borrow Ray Bradbury’s great putdown.


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