First Observations

First, let’s note that a lot of Senate races that were supposed to be close weren’t.  Tom Cotton crushed Pryor.  McConnell crushed Grimes.  Ernst crushed Braley.  Gardner didn’t crush, but certainly dished out a well deserved humiliation to Udull.  Perdue handily dispatched Nunn.  Landrieu is a goner in the runoff.  Roberts hung on handily.  Tillis has to be ranked an upset, since he was trailing in most polls.  (On the other hand, how does that crazy Curtis woman get even 40 percent of the vote in Montana?)

The GOP is slated, at this writing, to pick up a dozen House seats, giving them their highest level in nearly 70 years.  Even the New York Times won’t be able to attribute this to gerrymandering, or the Koch brothers, or whatever.  Add to that the fact that Republicans hung on to most of their endangered governorships, while picking up Maryland and Massachusetts, along with adding to their strength in state legislatures.

More to be said tomorrow when the dust settles.


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