Hall of Fame

I have been mostly off line for the last couple of days because I’ve been in my home town in South Dakota. The occasion was my father’s induction into the community’s Hall of Fame. There were three inductees this year; the others were John Calvin, a local businessman and investor, and Terry Redlin, the painter. One of the newspaper stories anticipating the event is below:

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That account barely scratches the surface, but I will add just one fact: when my father’s congregation built a new church some years ago, he contributed the equivalent of a year’s income.

He was a great lawyer, too, but that is another story. He practiced for more than 50 years, finally retiring for good at age 80.


Winter has come early to the Upper Midwest. This photo was taken from my brother’s living room. It shows Lake Kampeska, where I spent summers in my youth:


So it was a fun couple of days off line. I should be back up to speed by tomorrow.


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