Iranian fantasia

This past May the Times of Israel reported on a Persian-language animated video that depicts a nuclear attack on Israel. According to the Times of Israel article, the video is called “The Rachel Corrie Message 2: The Point of No Return” and it shows an Iranian reprisal for a failed Israeli nuclear attack on Iran. The Times of Israel article describes the video and provides some useful background.

The wish is clearly father to the thought expressed in the video; the video is chilling. On Twitter, Roger Simon calls it “the most insane video ever” and comments: “Iran is a lunatic asylum.”

The mullahs are taking their time getting to yes on Obama’s headlong rush to surrender. Their purposes are served by delay as well as by acceptance of meaningless terms. Given the moment, the Israel Project has taken up the video and posted it on FaceBook. I’m embedding it below for interested readers who may want to take a look.

The mullahs’ preferred delivery vehicle is the ballistic missile. Their nuclear program will result in a warhead that fits neatly on their ballistic missiles. Putting the details to one side, the video offers insight into the impetus for the mullahs’ purportedly peaceful program.