So close in New Hampshire

I have really developed a healthy disdain for New Hampshire’s incumbent Democratic Senator Jeanne Shaheen in the course of this cycle. I would concede that she has an admirable history in New Hampshire politics. Like so many Democratic incumbents who have prospered in conservative or moderate states, however, she is long past her sell-by date in the Age of the Obama and the Reid regency.

Having been instrumental in the passage of Obamacare and other destructive elements of the Democratic agenda that go down like vinegar back home, Shaheen has proved herself a reliable partisan and Democratic hack. In the Senate she has faithfully followed orders and acquiesced in Reid’s degradation of the Senate as an institution to advance the Democratic agenda and protect her likes. Yet during the campaign she has held herself out as some sort of independent, always keeping thoughts of New Hampshire foremost in her mind. What a phony.

Scott Brown has done a terrific job of running against Shaheen by highlighting the contradictions. His political skills demonstrate that you can’t beat somebody with nobody, but that he is somebody. He has closed the large lead with which Shaheen started and made a race of it.

The last two pre-election polls show that the race could go either way. As Dan Rather would say, the race is tighter than a Texas tick…you can look up the rest.

The WMUR/UNH Granite State Poll shows Shaheen up 1, 49-48 (sample of 757 likely voters polled 10/29-11/2, MOE 3.6 percent). WMUR declares the race too close to call. The New England College poll shows Shaheen down 1, 48-49 (sample of 1,526 likely voters polled on 10/31-11/1, MOE 2.51 percent).

If you are in New Hampshire, please vote. We will have to keep a close eye on this one tomorrow night.

Via RealClearPolitics.


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