Somebody’s Flexin’ Jerry Brown

Okay, so several commenters on last night’s post about the Maxine Waters posters popping up around LA cleared me up a bit on the proper understanding of “flexing,” and while my usage here may not be exactly right, until it’s fixed authoritatively in the OED I’m going to go with a broad reading.

And speaking of Jerry Brown, the same merry prankster’s are giving The Moonbeam the same treatment, as seen below.  Incidentally, Charles Johnson reports that civil rights leaders in Los Angeles are demanding an investigation into the Waters posters.  Funny, but I don’t recall civil rights leaders making that demand when all the various “Bush-as-Hitler” posters appeared last decade.

Brown 1 copy BROWN 2 copy Brown 3 copy Brown 4 copy Brown 5 copy Brown 6 copy