Teach liberals not to hate

Glenn Reynolds has been having a field day at InstaPundit with his “Teach women not to rape” series. Why should Glenn have all the fun? It occurs to me that the devotees of the philosophy of kindness deserve a comparable series calling on them not to hate: to learn or relearn civility.

I know, I know. Mission: impossible. Hate has somehow become the motive force of the purported devotees of kindness.

The thought occurs to me in connection with the video below shot by Power Line reader Paul Budline of Princeton, New Jersey. Mr. Budline writes: “I do documentary/video work for a living and took my camera to Princeton University last week to interview Will Happer, the physicist and climate skeptic. The resulting 4-minute video, which I put on YouTube Saturday, has been a big hit at enviro sites and FB, but it still needs to reach more people.” Professor Happer discusses the irrepressible hatred directed his way in the first 15 seconds of the video.


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