The Gruber variations

The Gruber videos — I wrote about the first one here, Paul wrote about the one relevant to this post here, Jeff Dunetz wrote about the most recent one here — will undoubtedly fail to receive the attention they deserve, and therefore may not sink in with the public as they should. I wonder if any conservative groups should take the trouble to draw attention to it (them). A reader writes to contemplate the possibilities:

1) In every future debate against any Dem who voted for Obamacare, can’t the Republican ask his opponent, “How many conversations did you have with Jonathan Gruber about Obamacare and why do the two of you think the American electorate is so stupid?”

2) Even in the cable news debates between conservatives and liberals on ANY topic, our side can now play the Gruber card… “Oh my. You’re just like Jonathan Gruber, aren’t you? You think the American people are stupid and are going to buy that! What are you hiding from us this time??”

3) Whether it’s trying to scare voters about birth control (or lack thereof) or convince us that amnesty is a good! thing – all it would take is a commercial showing a clip of a congressman giving the happy-spin and then splice in Gruber and then a voice-over… “Why should you believe them again?” or “What are they hiding from the American people this time?”

All those anti-Kay Hagan ads I saw with her repeating the “You can keep your Doctor…” mantra would have been even sweeter with the Gruber cherry-on-top!

Well, our friends at the Washington Free Beacon have already begun the work with a compilation of “The worst of Jonathan Gruber” (video below).

Video via David Rutz/Washington Free Beacon.

FOOTNOTE: Where are these videos coming from? See David Weigel’s interesting column “Meet the mild-mannered investment adviser who’s embarrassing the administration over Obamacare.”


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