The New York Times Encounters Joni Ernst

Yesterday the New York Times ran an article–a slide show, really–called Rising Stars in the Republican Party. It highlighted some of the young Republicans who won on Tuesday, including, among others, Elise Stefanik, Tom Cotton…and Joni Ernst. The article was corrected today, as follows:

Correction: November 6, 2014

An earlier version of this article quoted incorrectly from comments by Senator-elect Joni Ernst, who on Tuesday night became the first woman to represent Iowa in Congress. She said, “We are heading to Washington. And we are going to make ‘em squeal!” — not “We are heading to Washington. And we are going to make a squeal!”

“Make a squeal”? It’s liberal women who squeal; conservative women make ’em squeal. But seriously, the Times evidently didn’t know about the pigs. And if they didn’t know about the pigs, they didn’t know much of anything about Joni Ernst.

This is the conclusion of the brief article that prefaces the slide show:

But now that the last ballots (well, most of them, at least) have been counted, here is a look at some of the Republicans’ rising stars of the 114th Congress — and the people who, along the way, surprised us, entertained us and, in some cases, made us squeal.

I like that image, but I am pretty sure they wouldn’t have said it if they understood the reference!

Oddly, despite the correction, the slide show itself has not been changed. This is how it still reads:

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 3.07.56 PM

Those exotic creatures called Republicans are such a puzzle to the people at the Times!


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