The Perfect Democratic Candidate!

Edwards and running mate.

Edwards and running mate.

I think it is Glenn Reynolds who may have first come up with the slogan that the Democratic Party is nowadays a criminal conspiracy masquerading as a political party, which is fitting for their candidate for Louisiana’s 6th House district: Edwin Edwards!

He’s only a convicted felon, and after serving nine years in federal prison he’s back in he game, a spry age 87 adorned by his 35-year-old (third) wife, whom he met while in prison when she became his pen pal.  How did we miss this race, and why isn’t it a Power Line Pick?  Certainly Democratic voters in Louisiana can bank on Edwards’ long criminal experience.  CNN reports:

Fifty years after his first stint on Capitol Hill, Edwards would no doubt rather be running for governor again. But he’s running for a seat in Congress because Louisiana law doesn’t allow felons to run for state office — until they’ve been out of prison for 15 years. By then, Edwards would be 98 — so he’s taking this shot instead. . .

Political experts think Edwards at least has a good shot of making it into a runoff because of his universal name recognition and the size of the field: he’s running against nine Republicans, two other Democrats and one Libertarian. If no candidate gets 50% in November, the top two then will face off in December.

“He is gonna make the runoff hands-down unless some kinda Christmas morning miracle happens and pushes him out,” says Jeremy Alford, publisher of Edwards won the backing of state Democrats last week.


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