The Really Special Interest

Here in Minnesota, you can’t watch a football game without seeing Power Line pick Stewart Mills smeared by the Democrats as a tool of “special interests” and “billionaires.” (The special interests, I guess, are people who believe in the Constitution and want to see the economy grow.) This is typical of the attacks Democrats have made on Republicans throughout this election cycle. And yet there is one issue of paramount importance that really does pit billionaires against the rest of us; where Congress really may sell out to special interests who want to drive down wages. That issue, of course, is immigration. Senator Jeff Sessions said yesterday:

Democrats running for Senate pour millions into ads complaining special interests have too much influence. And yet every Senate Democrat candidate has voted for the crown jewel of the corporate lobbyist agenda: mass amnesty and uncontrolled immigration.

That is exactly right: the Democrats have sold out America’s working class, especially African-Americans, to benefit their billionaire corporate sponsors. Will they get away with that breathtaking hypocrisy? Ask me on Wednesday.


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