The Week in Pictures: Emperor’s New Clothes Edition

This week we learned that Hagel is not Hegel: he does not represent the end of Obama’s historical mission to return the U.S. to its isolation of the 1920s and 1930s.  (But nice of Obama to give Iran seven more months to build a Bomb.  It must be frustrating to Obama that it is taking so long.)  And people are starting to catch on to Obama’s imperial presidency.  Oh yeah, there were riots in Missouri, and an attempt to revive the Occupy vibe in its aftermath.  Good luck with that.  Anyway, hope you all had a great Thanksgiving feast.

Obama Emperor copy 2 Executive Bloat copy 1 Obama's Branches copy Me the people copy

Obama's Constitution copy

Hagel Out copy Obama Defense 2 copy Obama Defense copy Defense Policy copy Hagel Turkeys copy

Keystone Jobs copy

Welcome new Democrats copy

Temporary Amnesty copy

Stupid Americans copy

New Car Smell copy

Drain Swamp copy

It's always Israel's fault.

It’s always Israel’s fault.

Riots for Winning copy Nixon copy

Gas Prices copy

Iran Final Warning copy

Turducken copy Barbarians copy

Rick Roll copy

Your government at work.

Your government at work.


Definitely gotta get me one of these.

Definitely gotta get me one of these. (And doesn’t the new Star Wars trailer look awesome by the way?)

Wait: Who?

Wait: Who?

No Running copy

Walter Gun Painting copyAnd finally (with a slight variation of firepower):

Hot air force copy


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