The Week in Pictures: Quarantine Edition

I trust everyone had a good Halloween.  And now for tonight, which is the favorite night of the year for all true conservatives: we literally get to set the clock back!  Next thing you know, we’ll be proposing to ban the sale of condoms or something.  (Though I wonder how long it will be until some environmental group wants condoms banned because they are made with some plastic chemical they don’t like.)  Yup, now that I think about it, liberals have quarantined common sense for quite a while now.  George Will recommends mixing a large pitcher of martinis for Tuesday night’s election returns.  I may stick with single-malt scotch, but make a drinking game: a shot for every analyst’s mention that the “war on women” didn’t work in the face of prospects for real war.

Walking Dead 1 copy

Walking Dead 2 copy

Walking Dead copy

Obamacare Hikes copy

Yeah, that mask scares me too.

Yeah, that mask scares me too.

Sharia Halloween copy

Obama Ebola copy Quarantine Obama copy Obama Quarantine 2 copy Obama Peter copy Obama Drinking copy

Lava Flow copy

Academic Relationships

Reid Twain copy

Hillary Clean Up copy

Too Much Money copy

War on Women copy

Green Energy Doo-Doo copy Actors Have Jets copy

Fly to NYC copy

NRA Co-Exist copy

The best one-stop shopping ever.

The best one-stop shopping ever.

Jumping Gay Walrun copy

Grandma Phones copy

Guys Guns 8 copy

And finally. . .

Hot 202 copy


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