Ultimate #Grubergate

Phil Kerpen et al. at American Commitment have compiled a mashup of videos that helps explain the phenomenon of Grubergate. Kerpen calls the video below “the ultimate Grubergate compilation.”

The video is both instructive and entertaining. It takes a playful tone with a musical soundtrack befitting light comedy, but the video is, as Noah Rothman observes, enraging. What we have here is the residue of Gruberite sludge generated for the consumption of the American public and pumped out to us by the White House, by Democratic leaders and officeholders, and by their adjunct in the mainstream media. The last point has something to do with the suppression of the Grubergate revelations by the mainstream media adjunct of the Democratic Party.

The Cleveland Plain-Dealer’s Kevin O’Brien cites chapter and verse in his column “Democrats willfully, repeatedly lied to sell Obamacare.” And when O’Brien refers to “Democrats,” don’t forget their mainstream media adjunct.

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Via InstaPundit.