What a man we have in Manchin

The Washington Post’s Ed O’Keefe explores Senator Joe Manchin’s frustrations with soon-to-be former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Manchin forthrightly describes the election returns as “a real ass-whuppin’.” He then expressed frustrations with Harry Reid’s preventive approach to voting on potentially controversial bills. Is there some reason he has kept silent up till now?

O’Keefe follows up:

When asked whether Reid wants to do something, or is an obstructionist, or a fool, Manchin said: “I have no idea.”

Let us note that those options are not mutually exclusive or exhaustive, but isn’t it a little late in day to be looking for an explanation of Harry Reid’s degradation of the Senate, and for Manchin to be intimating the truth? Anyway, there is no mystery; we can all figure it out.

We all have an idea, and so does Joe. Indeed, Joe has more than an idea. He knows the answer, but he’s not sayin’. He’s not sayin’ even though his imminent future in the Senate minority has to some modest extent loosened his tongue.