Who’s sad?

ToddCover President Obama went shopping yesterday for books with this daughters at the Politics & Prose Bookstore near the White House. The New York Post reports that Obama took a look at Chuck Todd’s new book about Obama, Stranger in the White House. According to the Post, Obama jokingly called Todd “sad.”

Was this a rare instance in which Obama publicly lurched into the truth? NBC reports that Obama was referring to the picture of himself looking “sad” on the cover of Todd’s book (at left), not to Todd. Looking around online, I find that the AP has posted video (below) of Obama checking out at the cash register while his books are rung up and he makes the comment. Watching the video, I find it hard to make out which account is right. In any event, it’s obviously a trivial story.

PJ Media’s Bridget Johnson here. She goes with the “sad” cover version of the story. More importantly, however, she includes a list of the books Obama purchased.

Johnson also extracts a slightly newsworthy nugget from the video. She notes that one shopper called out “hope you can close Guantanamo” to Obama. “We’re working on it,” Obama responds. Obama persists in the policies that undermine the national security of the United States.

Now that’s sad.


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