Don’t breathe!

John observes that in Minneapolis “The liberals are revolting.” It’s a general truth but, in Minnesota, we have a bad case of it.

I happened to be heading south on Highway 35W out of downtown Minneapolis at mid-afternoon yesterday when I saw the roving band of ladies and gentlemen of the idiotic left marching north. They accompanied themselves with the the mindless “I can’t breathe” chant. I found the chant inspirational. I confess: it inspired prohibited thoughts of “If only.”

Can we get a counterdemonstration going? “Don’t breathe!”

The traffic heading north toward downtown behind these ladies and gentlemen had pulled to a dead stop on the highway for what must have been about a mile. A rhetorical question: What conceivable good did they think they were doing? Seeing the many police cars and officers detailed to their protection, I experienced a new sensation. I felt a surge of support for police brutality.

It’s wrong, I know, and I hesitate to give voice to the thought. I support their right to annoy the public and make fools of themselves under the protection afforded by the Minneapolis police. In doing so, they may even serve a useful purpose, if not the one they intend.


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