An open letter to the Washington Post

A Power Line reader copies us on his letter to the editor of the Washington Post. His letter presumably will not see the light of day in the Post. I have lightly edited the letter and added internal links:

To the Editor:

The Washington Post suggests using a fictional rape as a jumping off point for finding solutions, likely draconian, to the “issue of rape on college campuses” (“After the Rolling Stone story, what’s next for U-Va.?,” December 13). Shouldn’t a very real case of journalistic malfeasance cause the Post to deal with the very real issue of journalistic malfeasance? I suggest you start with Steven Mufson and Juliet Eilperin’s hit piece on the Koch Brothers, “The biggest foreign lease holder in Canada’s oil sands isn’t Exxon Mobil or Chevron. It’s the Koch brothers” (March 20,2014).

Philip Piasecki
Montgomery, AL