Another side of C.J.

C.J. (Cheryl Johnson) writes the gossip column for the Star Tribune, Newspaper of the Twin Cities. Her current column shows how hard it can be to come up with material in Minnesota, yet C.J. has kept it going at a brisk pace for lo, these many years.

The Minnesota Monthly profiled C.J. in August 2007. The article is accessible online here. It affords a glimpse of her at work around town.

As the one and only gossip columnist of the Newspaper of the Twin Cities, and of the Twin Cities themselves, C.J. has maintained an adversarial relationship with the preeminent celebrity of the Twin Cities. He even wrote a song about her (“Billy Jack Bitch,” on The Gold Experience). C.J. talks about it here.

C.J. has now taken to pontificating on racial matters via Twitter. Twitchy picks up the call and response in “Minneapolis columnist asks Dan Bongino to prove he’s not racist.”

I’m not a faithful reader of C.J., so I may have missed something, but the Twitter exchange shows a side of her that I haven’t seen before. I think she has done well by herself keeping it under wraps (assuming she has). If she has “diverse” friends — i.e., friends with diverse points of view — I think she could even use an intervention.


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