For New York leftists, Pottersville represents a wonderful life

In response to my post “Bedford Falls or Pottersville,” my conservative cousin from New York advises me that, in his state, the left has already opted for Pottersville. He writes:

In 21st century New York, George Bailey and his buddy the wealthy manufacturer Wainwright would be seen as environmental terrorists trying to build a manufacturing plant that could pollute the Bedford Falls water supply. By contrast, Henry Potter’s gambling dens and dance halls would be hailed as providing green jobs and sparking an economic revival.

Think my analysis is a bit far fetched? Last week Governor Andrew Cuomo announced a ban on fracking and approved the building of several large casinos in Upstate New York. Cuomo professed to believe that fracking never creates many jobs and is hazardous to the environment. More likely, he was blowing off Republican-leaning constituencies in Upstate New York while kowtowing to the Orwellian-named Working Families party.

This third-party has become a real force in New York politics. Bill de Blasio was one of the founders of this far-left group. It is financed by union dues from municipal workers.

The Working Families platform combines the global warming scare with traditional Communist class struggle rhetoric. A pet cause is support for Cuba. They must be feeling their oats this week.

The liberals I know are enamored with neither Bedford Falls nor Pottersville. But I don’t doubt that the further left one drifts, the more one tilts towards Pottersville.


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