Greenpeace Snags Another Green Weenie

We’ve commented here several times before (here, here, and here, for a start) about the thuggish activities of Greenpeace, whom I once suggested deserved to be considered the John Birch Society of environmentalism, except that the John Birch Society broke no laws and committed no vandalism.  So the best comparison is probably to the Weather Underground, though I’m tempted to rename Power Line’s coveted Green Weenie Award as the Greenpeace Award, because it’s really hard to be a bigger dick than what Greenpeace did in Peru this week.

Greenpeace decided to do some its trademark graffiti at some ancient Inca sites, and Peru is not amused.  Here’s one pic:

Peru copyGreenpeace has now apologized, but not before Craig Rucker of C-FACT got up in the grill of a Greenpeace toady in Peru who said, “We were in the village . . . and there was no problem.”  Here’s Craig’s four-minute report from the scene:


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