He’s Baaack! Al Gore Wins Another Green Weenie

Gore copyWe take time out from the Left’s meltdown over campus rape hysteria, the implosion of The New Republic, and the implosion of the “new Democratic majority” (copyright 2008), to take brief note of . . . Al Gore. Remember him?

Gore actually managed to get himself quoted in an obscure news story the other day expressing his sympathy and deep concern for investors in fossil fuels:

Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore likens today’s fossil fuels to the subprime mortgages of the last decade that triggered the global credit crisis. Their value “is based on an assumption every bit as absurd,” specifically the notion that all known oil, gas and coal will be consumed.

“Investors who haven’t yet come to grips with the stranding problem are like the classic scene in the Road Runner cartoons where the coyote runs off the edge of the cliff, and his legs keep moving for quite a long time before gravity takes hold,” Gore said by phone from Nashville, Tennessee. “There are investors out there whose legs are moving in mid-air.”

We should listen to Al. It would be hard to find a more cartoonish character with expertise in “stranded assets” than Gore. I imagine most of his investments in alternative energy are quite stranded right now. And let’s not bring up “Current TV,” the greatest stranded media asset since Dan Rather went off his meds. Oh heck, let’s: Hey Al, how ya doin’ collecting from Al Jazeera?

He must really be desperate for another coveted Green Weenie Award.

Green Weenie Car copy


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