Hurry to Cuba to See the Classic Cars!

Eleanor Clift gives gentry liberalism a bad name in this exchange with Pat Buchanan on The McLaughlin Group. Talking about Cuba, Clift says the key is to visit before it gets spoiled by economic progress. Cuba’s “classic cars,” in particular, are a tourist attraction:

Those “classic” cars were manufactured in the 1950s and 1960s, or even earlier. They are still being driven because Cuba, being a Communist country, is dirt poor, so most people can’t afford automobiles. Those who can afford a car, can’t afford a new one. So Cubans–the more prosperous ones who are not actually part of the ruling kleptocracy–drive fifty-year-old vehicles.


This isn’t quaint or picturesque, it is a symptom of dire poverty. For the average Cuban, that poverty won’t be overcome until the Castro brothers and all of the trappings of their Communist dictatorship are finally consigned to history’s garbage can, a day that has probably been deferred by President Obama’s olive branch to the regime.


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