I Miss W

It is sad that there is so much bad news so close to Christmas. The best thing we can say for our president is that he has departed for Hawaii on a 17-day vacation, so he can’t do any more damage until after the new year. Meanwhile, we could all use a day brightener. So here is one, via the Facebook account of a mother of twin daughters who were born with a rare heart defect. One died, and the other is undergoing treatment at the Children’s Medical Center in Dallas.

On Tuesday, Santa came to the hospital to deliver gifts to sick children. He is a little hard to recognize behind the beard, but the burly elf in the background could be a clue:


The mother wrote:

Guess who just came and gave Emily a Christmas present dressed in a Santa suit with Secret Service and all?!?!? ………. Pres. George Bush

Most of President Bush’s charitable efforts go unnoticed; they come to light when someone does a Facebook post, or the like, and it is picked up by an outlet like the Daily Mail.

George W. Bush: good policy 75% of the time, good man, 100% of the time. Merry Christmas!


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