Lena Dunham Refuses to Back Off On False Rape Claim, Lawsuit Possible

Via Breitbart News, we learn that “Barry One,” the former Oberlin student who was falsely accused of rape by Obama fangirl Lena Dunham in her memoir, retained a lawyer two months ago to attempt to clear his name. Dunham, despite the palpable falsity of her accusation, apparently has refused to recant:

For more than two months, and to no avail, Barry One has asked Dunham (through her representatives) to clear his name. Obviously, she has refused. …

Through his attorney, Barry One has been in contact with Dunham’s representatives since October 6. “Despite multiple requests,” the statement says, “Lena Dunham has not issued any sort of statement clearing Barry’s name and clarifying the confusion that is happening.”

Barry One has set up a legal defense fund; you can go here to contribute. The linked web site includes a statement that says, in part:

Barry is the sole financial provider for his family, which includes his wife and infant daughter. Barry has already spent a substantial portion of his savings on legal fees because of the actions (and inactions) of Ms. Dunham and Penguin Random House.

Barry and his family need your help! They will be grateful for any contributions to support this effort.

All proceeds will be spent by Barry on legal costs and related fees associated with defending Barry’s reputation, including, but not limited to, potentially pursuing Lena Dunham and Penguin Random House for harm caused to Barry’s reputation from the publication and sale of Ms. Dunham’s memoir.

Any proceeds not used on legal related costs will be donated to not-for-profit organizations that assist victims of rape and sexual assault, to be selected at a later date.

False accusations of sexual assault have been flying around lately, and Dunham’s may be the most baseless and malicious. She is rich and could pay the sort of seven- or eight-figure judgment that a jury would likely impose. Barry’s case deserves support, as it could go a long way toward quelling the “it doesn’t matter whether it’s true or not” attitude now prevalent among liberals.