Media Alert

Brian Ward and I are returning to our old stomping grounds tomorrow, as we will be filling in for our pal Mitch Berg on AM 1280 the Patriot, from 1 to 3 tomorrow afternoon, central time. If you live in the Twin Cities you can tune in on the radio dial; if you don’t, you can listen here or via I Heart Radio. Our appearance will feature interviews with our friend Michele Bachmann, who is finishing up her tenure in Congress, and John Nolte, who blew one of the Left’s “rape” narratives sky-high by doing some actual investigation and reporting–a rarity these days, it seems. I hope you can join us.

I also will be guest hosting the Laura Ingraham show for several days while Laura is on vacation over the holidays–December 22 and 23, and December 31, a festive New Year’s Eve show. So mark your calendars! I hope we will field a lot of calls from Power Line readers.


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