Giuliani explains

Erin Burnett invited Rudy Giuliani to appear on CNN last week immediately following Giuliani’s visit to the grieving families of NYPD Officers Ramos and Liu. Breitbart posted the video below along with a transcript of the interview here.

Burnett devoted the first question and perhaps 30 seconds to the murder of the two officers. After that she couldn’t wait to introduce yet one more statistic designed to create the impression that racial bias on the part of the police results in the disproportionate number of blacks killed by police in interactions with law enforcement.

Quotable quote: “[T]he reality is, if you are speeding, and you are pulled over and the police officer asks you for your license and registration, and you say, no, you’ve just taken a relatively minor situation and made it into a really major one because the cop is going to pull you out of the car and anything can happen. So before you analyze that, you have to know how are people behaving, how are they acting, how are they interact, you know what kind of danger the police officers in? I have found in New York City, that the overwhelming majority of cases, the police officers are justified in what they’re doing. The exception is when they do something wrong and when they do, and when they do, they go to prison. This is a police department that in an overwhelming majority of cases, when a death takes place to justifiable situation where the police officers was in fear for his life.”