Stand With Hillary—And Then Laugh Your A– Off [With Skeptical Comment by John]

Who knew that the Hillary 2016 juggernaut had a fine sense of parody in its midst?  What else to make of this cringe-worthy musical ballad on behalf of Hillary released a couple of weeks ago and just now catching on (you owe yourself the three minutes for this totally hacktastic effort, though I do understand it’s three minutes of your life you’ll never get back):

This news story explains that the artists behind the video are located in Camarillo, California.  The most notable thing in Camarillo is a state mental hospital.  Which may explain this.

The story also says that:

The group is planning at least four more similar videos — with one aimed at Latinos and another aimed at millennials.

“We want to rekindle that symmetry” that Clinton has with many people, Chavez said. “Hillary represents a lot of good things to a lot of people.”

Four more similar videos??  Could we really get this lucky?  Yes, we can!  Give us that old-time symmetry!

(Footnote: One of the commenters suggests that after watching this video he now understands Vince Foster’s suicide.)

JOHN adds: Are we sure this isn’t an oppo effort, like Rush’s “Operation Chaos” in 2008? It is hard to believe that anyone who actually supports Hillary would make a video this bad. And several more to come! I suspect a dark op by the Elizabeth Warren forces.